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The Benefits of Rubberized Waterproofing for your Roof

EPDM plastic (Rubberized Waterproofing) and its own derivative, liquid silicone, have been a staple in Cape Town’s rubberized waterproofing industry. However, it is mostly used to patch up leaks and drips, often when the roof top is harmed in a certain area, and the home owner will not want to invest big money on re-roofing.

In addition to protecting against and fixing leaks, there are numerous other great things about purchasing a rubberized waterproof covering for a roof or any other area of your home, for that matter. In this specific article, we’ll examine some of the most significant great things about rubberized waterproofing for a roof covering.

The Finish offers Superior Leak Protection
Even the best-built roof top may begin leaking over time if it has not been maintained. Leaks are an all too common nuisance that can result in irreparable and often very expensive destruction. The damage can then disperse to the walls and even the home’s foundation, hence compromising its steadiness.

Liquid rubber generally known as liquid EPDM or EPDM plastic, can give your roof the protection it needs by building a membrane on the roof. It works extremely fast, often drying within 2 time, mainly with regards to the size of the roof structure. Plus, unlike other varieties of roof covering types, it is compact, this means no excess weight on the home’s foundation.

EPDM Rubber Is Incredibly Durable
Among the reasons rubberized waterproofing in Cape Town is so popular is basically because it, in a way, reinforces the sturdiness of the roof structure. Part of the durability stems from the fact that it (EPDM plastic) can be evenly applied throughout the roof covering. Quite simply, there are no gaps, which allow normal water and Ultra violet rays, between other elements, to permeate the roof resulting in damage to the roof system as time passes.

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Rubberized waterproofing will not merely waterproof the roof top, but additionally it is non-permeable. Which means impurities like twigs, and dirt and grime amongst others, will not erode it as time passes, leaving your roof covering vulnerable. Regarding commercial metallic roofs (often touted as being the most durable), the plastic coatings help prevent corrosion.

Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly
Another reason rubberized waterproofing is strongly suggested is that it’s energy conserving. The sealant helps by reflecting the sun’s light away from the roof, particularly if this can be a lighter color.

The sealant’s reflective qualities are a significant advantage since it helps maintain the temperature within your home or office. So, even if it is very hot outside the house enjoy it can enter Cape Town, for many days during warmer summer months, your home will be relatively cooler. The effect is a significant improvement in your fans and air-con unit’s capacity to keep the home cool.

The other advantages that ties into this is a lower electricity bill. Since the temperature inside your home is dependable, you don’t need to carefully turn the admirer or the air-con all the way up. A similar applies to wintertime, as the roof structure can retain heating from a heating unit or open fire, so you’ll have the ability to achieve a comfortable temp at a lesser setting.

The other gain is that rubberized waterproofing is eco-friendly. It needs much less energy to produce rubber than some other roofing material. Also, silicone can be recycled which is non-toxic.

Liquid Rubber HELPS MAINTAIN Everyone Safe
All homeowners want to ensure that their family is safeguarded. Fortunately, liquid silicone or EPDM silicone is fire tolerant. So, even though you live in a location that is susceptible to fires, you will be promised that the roof covering will protect everyone inside until help occurs.

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Many people in Cape Town also go on to the roofing to check on the chimneys and perform basic roofing maintenance. However, roofs can be slippery, but a silicone carry out can help eliminate that slipperiness by offering an improved grip rendering it easier to walk across when compared with bare material or cement. Also, walking over the roof won’t ruin the shingles, tiles, or any other parts, that could later lead to rot and subsequent leaks.

Rubberized waterproofing or liquid rubber will serve multiple purposes beyond just waterproofing the roof top. It really is impervious to most types of destruction like cracks, corrosion, and scratching and will be offering a seamless cosmetic look. That’s why it is an outstanding choice for everyone homeowners, regardless of how old their roofs might be.

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Though ideally, it is best to get a brand new roof rubberized by a team of specialists like us so that it lasts longer and requires much less maintenance, consequently helping homeowners save money and time by making certain the roof covering is repellent to common varieties of damage. However, silicone coating can be approved for just about any type of roof top regardless of age. Having said that we make it a point to always inspect the roof before making a decision to jacket it with a silicone membrane to make sure that your money is well put in.

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