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Las Vegas is Expanding and Visiting will Never Be Better!

For more than a decade, anyone who has chosen to visit Las Vegas has been stuck with the same ole options when it comes to places to stay. However, there is currently a construction boom in this town and out of the six projects in the works, three of them are gorgeous resorts or hotels that will change how Matthew Knoot and many others experience this fabulous destination!

The first highly awaited resort is the Drew Las Vegas, which was formally known as the Fontainebleau. Construction began on Fontainebleau back in 2007, two years after announcing the plans for the fabulous resort, but the project was not financially stable, and the work abruptly stopped in 2009.
However, this massive sixty-three floor hotel, which sits where the old El Rancho Hotel and Casino and the Algiers Hotel stood, was destined to become reality eventually. New owners had the construction started again in 2018 and it is expected to open some time in 2020. Matthew Knoot and many other visitors will find that they will love any of the four thousand rooms and suites. The absolute favorite feature of this hotel for many visitors though might be the bridge that is planned to connect it to the Las Vegas Convention Center. That bridge will make it easier for those who are planning on spending quite a bit of their time at the convention center for business or pleasure.

Visit: https://www.csustan.edu/sites/default/files/CAHSS/documents/CHSS_DL_F_2011.pdf

The other resort and hotel that are under construction are Resorts World Las Vegas and Paradise Park. Resorts World Las Vegas is an Asian themed casino and resort that is also planned to be opened in 2020. There will be three thousand rooms within this resort, which sits where the Stardust Resort and Casino was located before it was demolished in 2007. This resort was designated to open about a decade ago, but construction was halted due to the economy. Design changes have been made, due to the time that has lapsed since the original construction and groundbreaking took place in 2015.
Paradise Park is going to be the sister hotel of both the Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, which will make many visitors very happy. This one thousand room hotel will be located where the golf course was behind Wynn Las Vegas. This hotel is currently planned to open in 2020 as well, which means that visitors can easily choose from eight thousand new rooms when they plan a trip at the end of that year or anytime after! Guests like Matthew Knoot, will love the thirty-acre lake, where paddleboats and water skiing will be prominently featured.

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“I will enjoy the time I spend in Las Vegas and look forward to exploring these new accommodations and sights, and everyone else will as well!” – Matthew Knoot
While these rooms will be perfect for sleeping and relaxing in, most visitors will find themselves wandering along The Strip, looking for the most amazing attractions. While there are the old standbys of shows and interactive attractions, many visitors will be thrilled with the new additions that are currently in the process of being constructed.

The first is the mile-long boardwalk that will be part of the new Paradise Park at Wynn Resorts. That boardwalk will have guests and other visitors walking along the hourglass shaped lagoon, experiencing a different type of Vegas from what they may have seen in the past.
Of course, everyone will want to attend a performance at the new venue being constructed by Madison Square Garden. The sphere-shaped venue will reach three hundred and sixty feet into the air and can be found behind the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Football lovers are going to fall in love with the new Raiders stadium, which is planned to open in time for the 2020 season. This stadium will seat sixty-five thousand Raiders fans and the fans of the opposing teams. The stadium is a mile from The Strip, but that won’t stop those who truly want to catch an exciting football game.
The last incredible construction project that is currently taking place is the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. This expansion has been a long time coming and will finally be completed by the end of 2020. The extra space will allow for even larger trade shows to appear in this magnificent city, which will bring in even more visitors from around the world.
Due to all these new venues opening up within the next year or so, it is no surprise that the three hotels and resorts are finally coming to fruition. After all, Las Vegas has been a busy city for decades now, and it is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

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