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Experience the Benefits of External Wall Insulation with Proguard Exteriors

External wall insulation is gaining popularity because of its numerous benefits. It is highly effective in reducing heat transfer through the walls of your home. It also helps to improve overall energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and comfort of your household.

A lot of homeowners are now looking for ways to externally insulate their homes. Whether you’re planning to upgrade your home’s insulation or want to enjoy the numerous benefits of external wall insulation, look no further. We’ve got you covered with tips and tricks on how you can do it yourself or hire a professional.

Upgrade Your Home with Proguard Exteriors

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest exterior walling options, why not consider Proguard Exteriors? proguard insulation services is a leading provider of external wall insulation and coloured render systems in Australia. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed a wide range of services tailored to meet various individual needs.

From complete exterior wall insulation to through coloured, thin coat render systems, our experts can help you transform your home with the right exterior finishing choice. We offer a comprehensive range of finishes, including traditional sand and cement render, silicone-based render, and a variety of textured and patterned finishes. Our experienced teams are always happy to help you choose the perfect solution for your home’s exterior.

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Enhance Your Home’s Look and Energy Efficiency

With the rising temperatures across the world and increasing demands for energy efficiency by both the government and the consumers, external wall insulation is gaining popularity in South East England. External wall insulation provides an effective solution to improve a home’s energy efficiency and its look.

PINK FIBERGLAS insulation from Owens Corning is a highly-durable, lightweight insulation material that helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. It provides excellent air and water holdout, optimal moisture vapor transmission, superior tear strength, and R-Value.

Dow STYROFOAM is another popular option among external wall insulation. This insulating foam is easy to install and comes in various thicknesses with varying R-Values. With ProGuard Home Wrap System, you can choose from several popular styles such as fiberglass or foam to create a custom installation that will be tailored to your home’s exterior.

Besides providing great insulation efficiency, ProGuard Home Wrap Systems are Durable, Waterproof, Affordable, and Environmentally Friendly. A professional in external wall insulation from Proguard Exteriors can help you select an efficient External Insulation solution for your home

Get Professional Insulation and Rendering Services

With the rise in temperature, global warming, and energy consumption, external wall insulation is becoming a preferred solution among homeowners. As experts in providing external wall insulation services, Proguard Exteriors has a comprehensive range of external wall insulation solutions for customers. Choose from cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, and render finishes to enhance the look of your walls and chimneys. You can also avail top-quality insulation systems that will provide long-lasting energy savings and improve the comfort and cost-effectiveness of your home. Get professional insulation and rendering services from Proguard Exters for a superior finish on your home’s exterior walls and enjoy top-quality insulation systems that will help you save money on energy bills.

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Enjoy Lasting Benefits with External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation by Proguard Exters is a great option for people looking to improve home energy efficiency and the appearance of their homes. The company offers comprehensive services to insulate your exterior walls, including prepping and sealing the surface, applying insulation, and other related work. Their work is of a high standard and they are able to address minor issues with good grace. Moreover, external wall insulation by Proguard has several benefits, including improved energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. It also improves the look of your home as it provides a barrier against the elements. External wall insulation by Proguard also provides fire-resistant protection rolls for windows and doors, which offers additional protection against dust and dirt. Overall, external wall insulation by Proguard is a great option for people looking to improve home energy efficiency and the appearance of their homes.

What is external wall insulation?

External wall insulation is a system of insulation that is applied to the exterior walls of a building to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The insulation prevents heat loss, improves air-tightness, and reduces the risk of moisture and condensation damage. Installation of external wall insulation can be done by professionals, such as Proguard Exteriors, who use high-quality materials and offer a high-standard of work. External wall insulation is often made of polystyrene foam, fiberglass, or mineral wool, and is used in combination with a house wrap system.

What are the benefits of external wall insulation?

External wall insulation can help improve the energy efficiency of a home, reduce heating bills and increase property value. ProGUARD DP insulated concrete board system is a combined system that eliminates the separate steps of the drainage plane, insulation, wire lathe and mortar bed, resulting in a more lightweight assembly. Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS insulation, Dow STYROFOAM & ProGuard Home Wrap Systems offer exceptional air and water holdout, optimal moisture vapor transmission and superior tear strength. Combination of insulation and ventilation system help to keep excessive household moisture and heat out of the attic.

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How does Proguard Exteriors help me achieve the benefits of external wall insulation?

When it comes to achieving the benefits of external wall insulation, one of the best options you have is by working with Proguard Exteriors.

Proguard Exteriors offers a variety of services that can help improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. These services include: providing external wall insulation, installing Proguard Flame Retardant Corrugated Protection Sheet Rolls, providing a team of qualified surveyors and wall coating applicators, protecting ductwork from dust and other particles, and installing Proguard external wall insulation professionally.

In addition to its Qualified Professionals, Proguard Exteriors uses state-of-the-art technologies for the installation of its products. This includes using a combination of thermal barrier cloth, fiberglass batts, and reflective foil to provide comprehensive protection for your home’s exterior walls. With its attention to detail, professionalism, and quality standards, Proguard Exteriors is known for its finished product – one that is admired by homeowners and professionals alike.

Whether you live in a traditional or an energy-efficient home, external wall insulation offers a host of benefits. First and foremost, it protects your family from the harsh effects of extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This helps to keep your house comfortable, helping you save on energy bills. Not to mention, it also boosts the aesthetic appearance and overall livability of your home. For more information on external wall insulation, contact Proguard Exteriors today. We offer affordable solutions that are backed by industry expertise and knowledge.

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