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How To Clean More Sophisticated Curtain Fabrics

Curtains are a critical component of any space, be it indoors or outdoors. They help to block out unwanted sunlight and give you privacy. Furthermore, depending on the choice of chosen materials and design, curtains can lend a stylish appearance to the space. However, many of the most luxurious fabrics are also the most difficult to clean.

In this article, we will be looking at two of these fabrics, including the acrylic bead and velvet curtains. While beautiful when set up, these curtains are frequently damaged by owners who clean them without adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. Furthermore, they do require a fair bit of work in order to be maintained in optimal condition. As such, their maintenance needs are frequently outsourced to professional curtain dry cleaning Singapore services.

Acrylic Bead or Shell Curtains

Acrylic bead and shell curtains pose a different cleaning difficulty as opposed to the previous 2 groups. There is a high possibility that they will end up being tangled if you were to attempt to take them done. Therefore, it is advised that they be cleaned while continuing to be hung on the rod.

  • Start by suspending a bed sheet at the back of it. For safety, you can secure it to the curtain rod.
  • Lay towels or rags on the floor under the curtain
  • Utilize a spray container with warm water and liquid dish detergent to spray all spots of the curtain
  • Wipe the curtain with a damp white cotton cloth
  • Lightly rub against stained areas as you discover them
  • Enable the curtain to dry while you take away the bed sheet
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Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are fashionable and luxurious but catch much more dust than other materials. This is due to dust adhering to them extra well while the thick material means that plenty of dirt can find their way into the base strands.

For cleaning, some can be machine cleaned while others can solely be dry cleaned. As such, you need to check the manufacture’s tag or seek advice from an expert curtain dry cleaning Singapore firm.

A fast evaluation that you can perform is to swab a covert area of the curtain with a soaked white washcloth. The curtain must not be washed at all cost if the curtain’s colour gets transferred to the cloth. Instead, you must take them to a dry cleaner.

If the curtains are colourfast (colour does not run when wet) then you can wash the curtains on a delicate cycle making use of cold water and half the regular quantity of cleaning agent. The curtains ought to be laid level on a cotton sheet to dry when rinsing is done. Do note that you should stay away from making use of a dryer for velvet curtains.

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