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Characteristics of High Quality Cabinets

High-quality kitchen cabinets have a minimum of ten characteristics that lead to their long lifespan. The best kitchen cabinets will be durable and look stunning for many years. Sadly, some cabinet have problems in as little because a year or 2. Issues like crooked entry doors, sagging drawers, scratched confronts, loose hinges and bending boxes quickly deteriorate the particular look of a cooking area. That’s why it is usually important to pick the greatest kitchen cabinet doors with high-quality construction. As you go shopping for cabinets and compare case costs, look for the following construction features. This particular will help ensure you choose high-quality cabinets regarding your home.

1. Long lasting Cabinet Box Materials
An individual can be confidence that your new cabinets will endure everyday use. They won’t unnecessarily expand and flake when there’s the infrequent leaky faucet.

illustration of various cabinet materials

Various Materials
Many retailers use varying materials and are unable to identify the precise material marks that make up their own cabinets.

Furniture Board
CliqStudios Classic line cabinet container material is made together with certified M-2 rated furniture board. Furniture board offers a strong, long-lasting package. It resists expansion coming from temperature and humidity fluctuations, which makes it a stable material.

Our Personal and Signature Plus units are built with sturdy and long-lasting, certified Level K plywood sides and backs. Consumer Reports advises plywood as the superior quality option for cabinets. Hdf holds screws more safely and resists moisture far better than alternative materials. This is resilient against blow-outs, dings, dents, and drooping. These benefits make it the best material for cupboard sides, backs, shelves, in addition to drawer bottoms.

2. Full assembled Cabinets
CliqStudios quality units are fully-assembled at typically the factory. They are and then boxed and shipped direct to you, ready-to-install. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are created to be assembled by a homeowner or perhaps contractor. The differences towards the consumer include price, ease, and construction strength.

Assemblage of RTA cabinets involves a learning curve. Very first, you discover ways to assemble the boxes. Then, it will take about 20-45 minutes to be able to assemble each cabinet. Ultimately, it will take additional time to assemble drawer bins, glides and other accessories.

Illustration showing pieces of RTA cabinets.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)
RTA cabinets ship in parts, including the cabinet, encounter frame, drawers, drawer skims, inserts, doors and components. They are designed to be able to be assembled at typically the construction site. RTA cabinets are assembled using steel clips or plastic attachments, which tend to end up being less durable than wood construction. Assembly and set up could be handled by typically the DIY homeowner or by simply a hired contractor. Both way, some skill is needed to ensure safe, functional cabinets.

illustration of a full assembled quality cabinet

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Fully-Assembled in addition to Ready-to-Install
Every CliqStudios cabinet is factory-assembled and ready-to-install. What this means is every cabinet is usually engineered to create a new single piece that may appear in one carton. Simply no assembly required. Factory construction methods join wood elements using dovetail joints, hot as well as cold glue, strength fasteners and other commercial techniques. In this wood-to-wood construction, the pieces bond on a microscopic level, creating a quality kitchen cabinets with strength.

3. Lasting, Quality Cabinet Frames
Long-lasting, quality cabinet frames supply stability. Face frames maintain the cabinet box square in the course of shipping and installation. Professional cabinet installers often charge more to install frameless cabinets, because it will be more time-consuming. The reason being frameless cabinetry requires very accurate installation. Frameless cabinets simply have 1/8” gaps involving the doors of the units, therefore the install area must be perfectly level. This specific is especially important inside spaces where the flooring and walls may be uneven.

Frameless, also known as European-style, cabinets have no frame on the front of the cabinet box. Units without frames are total overlay, revealing approximately 1/8-inch around drawer fronts plus cabinet doors. Side solar panels are thicker than within a framed cabinet to allow the glides and hinges to mount directly to the cabinet attributes.

Solid Hardwood Frame
CliqStudios Signature bank and Signature Plus cabinets features painted or tarnished frames made with ¾” by 1½” solid wood. Solid hardwood is special in its color, consistency, and grain patterns. Including mineral streaks and knot. These natural variations add to hardwood’s distinctive appeal in addition to beauty. Hardwood is tough, resilient, and an easy task to fix.

4. Quality Cabinet Bins
Captured and integrated support construction creates a high quality cabinet box. This increases stability during shipping and installation and provides long lasting cabinet strength. Unless built-in with the cabinet aspect, gussets add no durability or structural integrity in order to the cabinet. Captured, or even integrated, braces also help to make base cabinets much better to move into position when installing.

Plastic Nook Gussets
Some cabinets manufacturers use plastic triangular designed corner gussets as a lower cost alternative to be able to braces or I-beams. Gussets are generally stapled, glued or perhaps nailed to each nook of the cabinet. This is to keep the cabinet square during shipping. Yet , plastic gussets do not give the same stableness and strength of grabbed and integrated braces.

Furniture Board Braces
Grabbed and integrated furniture panel braces are widely-used in CliqStudios Classic base cabinet structure. The braces are built-in with the box by way of a dado joint, nails in addition to glue that hook up for all four sides of the base cabinet. This built-in construction style provides excellent strength and stability, particularly when moving and installing cabinets.

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Plywood I-beams
CliqStudios Signature bank and Signature Plus cupboards feature fully integrated I-beams. Just like the braces used inside Classic line, the I-beams are essential to a new sturdier box. I-beams include stability during shipping in addition to installation and provide long-term cabinet strength. Integrated I-beams also make installation regarding base cabinets faster plus easier. Wall cabinets perform not need this support because they are surrounded on the top and bottom.

Kitchen cupboard interior surfaces should be non-porous and easy-to-clean. Cupboard interiors also need to be able to be tough enough to be able to last the life regarding the cabinets without staining, bubbling or showing wear.

Melamine and laminate are two different, yet related materials. They are the particular perfect surface for case interiors due to their incredibly high resistance to humidity. Most melamine and layered cabinet interiors are printed together with a light-tone wood feed.

Wood Veneer Inside
Wood is naturally porous and rough. A tarnished wood veneer interior or shelf surface will absorb moisture and stains. It will likewise trap soil in the grain of the wood. The finish will never endure strong cleaning solutions. Solid wood veneer will become broken by residual moisture. This damage could come coming from dishwashers, excessive humidity, junk cooking fumes, as well as dirt and food pieces.

6. Durable, Full-Height Back Panel
For strength plus ease of installation, top quality kitchen cabinets have a durable, full-height back -panel. A full back panel allows the cabinet to be able to be directly attached in order to wall studs at virtually any point on the cabinet back. If installation requires the cabinet be slice around ductwork, plumbing or perhaps electrical, the modification will probably be simpler on the total back.

Alternate Case Again
Metal, rails, hang up rails and picture-frame solar panels are all alternate cabinet back. It’s common to observe 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch hangers at the top and bottom of the case. Manufacturers then either omit your back panel totally or perhaps incorporate a thin 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch panel. If the rail needs to be cut to be able to accommodate wiring or domestic plumbing, additional reinforcement will be essential.

Home furniture Board Full Again
CliqStudios Classic cabinets have a very 3/8” furniture board full again panel. This panel gives all the benefits associated with the full-height back at a new very economical price. Full-height again panels provide superior power and versatility to different cabinet back materials, while eliminating the need for hanging rails.

Plywood Full Again
Typically the back panel of the CliqStudios Signature and Signature bank Plus cabinet is a new full-height, 3/8” plywood panel. The back is anchored with hot glue, toenails and a rabbet shared. Extending the panel through the top of the case to the bottom gets rid of gaps or spaces in addition to provides additional strength.

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seven. Dovetail Drawer Box Structure
CliqStudios knows the base from the drawer must help the weight of the compartment contents. That’s why we choose to use solid wood sides using a fully captured bottom. Hardwood drawer bins with dovetail joints possess become the standard for American cabinetry. This is usually due to the durable strength, strength and regarding the dovetail joint.

Stapled Particleboard Drawer Container
A broad range of supplies and construction methods are utilized for cabinet drawers. Building methods vary greatly and could include particleboard, plywood, steel or plastic elements. Lesser quality cabinet have stapled particleboard drawer boxes.

representation of hardwood, dovetailed compartment box

Solid Hardwood Dovetailed Drawer Box
CliqStudios compartment boxes are made through solid hardwood with dovetail joints. A dovetail combined has teeth that interlock to join two parts of wood. A high-quality hardwood drawer box will have sides of 5/8-inch or even thicker solid maple or perhaps birch. The sides fulfill at dovetail joints, wherever the strength of typically the joint comes from the wood itself. A sturdy plywood drawer bottom is usually glued and nailed inside place. Every drawer bottom part is fully captured about all four sides within grooved joints.

8. Soft-Close Door Hinges
Most of CliqStudios cabinets have soft-close doorway hinges with KCMA Accreditation. This means they have got been tested to tolerate 65 pounds of bodyweight and operated through twenty five, 000 open and close cycles. CliqStudios provides a limited lifetime warrantee on door hinges for Typical, Signature and Signature As well as cabinets.

other hinges representation

Other Knobs
There usually are thousands of hinges available to cabinet manufacturers. Be wary of cabinet manufacturers that will use low-end hinges. Many hinges only provide four-way adjustability or do not have a product guarantee.

soft-close hinge illustration

9. Soft-Close Compartment Glides
KCMA Certification assures you the CliqStudios manuals have been tested regarding quality. Each drawer float can withstand 15 weight per square foot regarding drawer space. They can be operated through 25, 1000 open and close process. CliqStudios provides a limited lifetime warrantee on compartment glides for Classic, Personal and Signature Plus.

10. Toekick
The toekick area is the space where typically the cabinet meets the ground. That provides space for your own feet when standing from the counter. A toekick should be fully encased and captured with donado joints, glue and fingernails. It should be incorporated into the full-length, back panel and cabinet attributes for additional strength. Following installation, applying a done toekick panel completes typically the look.

Cabinets supported by simply plastic legs are not necessarily as strong or steady as full-box cabinets. A good additional toekick panel is usually also necessary to stop dirt and small items from being trapped beneath the cabinet.

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