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7 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

Thinking of remodeling your tired, outdated bathroom? Updating this essential yet often neglected room can greatly improve your home and quality of life. By implementing even small bathroom upgrades like new lighting or hardware, you can create a soothing, spa-like space. Read on as we explore 7 refreshing ways to transform your bathroom with a thoughtful remodel.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before calling in the bathroom contractor, carefully evaluate how you use your bathroom and what specific improvements would benefit your lifestyle. Do you need more storage, a separate tub and shower, or better ventilation? Be sure to consider any mobility issues too. Prioritizing your needs will guide smarter remodeling decisions.

Try a Layout Change

For more dramatic upgrades, adjusting your bathroom’s layout can transform the space. If possible, separating the toilet into its own petite water closet lends more privacy. Or, converting a narrow, compartmentalized footprint into one larger, open room creates a lighter, airier aesthetic. Bathroom remodelers can help reconfigure fixtures in smarter ways.

Install Luxurious Materials

Trading out standard ho-hum surfaces for luxurious materials makes a spectacular impact. Swap a basic fiberglass tub surround for glistening natural stone tiles, or replace a plastic laminate vanity top with elegant granite or marble. These high-end materials bring an air of luxury, even in a small bathroom remodel.

Upgrade Fixtures

A simple fixture upgrade can modernize the entire room’s look. New water-efficient toilets, sinks, and faucets not only help the environment, but their clean lines and high-tech finishes feel fresh and contemporary. Plus, new hardware is an easy switch for bathroom remodelers or DIYers.

Add Proper Lighting

Poor lighting drags any bathroom down, while ample well-placed fixtures make all the difference. Include a bright overhead light, vivid task lighting at the vanity, and soft accent lighting to create a well-illuminated multifunctional bathroom. If natural light is lacking, mirrors and reflective surfaces give the illusion of spaciousness.

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Install Storage Solutions

One can never have enough storage, especially in the bathroom where clutter accumulates. Clever organizers like pull-out drawers, wall cabinets, under-sink rollouts, and recessed niches keep all those lotions and potions out of sight. A bathroom remodeler can customize storage to suit your space and belongings.

Splurge on the Shower

For most homeowners, the shower is the bathroom’s shining star. Invest most of your time and money upgrading this hardworking space. Swap a basic shower-tub combo for an impressive stand-alone shower. Specify multiple adjustable body sprays, a rainfall showerhead, sleek nickel hardware, and even high-end features like steam, Bluetooth music, or chromotherapy mood lighting. Spa-worthy showers increase home value and offer daily enjoyment.

bathroom remodel

Key Takeaways:

  1. Evaluate your needs and priorities before beginning a bathroom remodel.
  2. Adjusting layouts, like adding a water closet, opens up small bathrooms.
  3. High-end surfaces like stone tiles or marble vanities feel luxurious.
  4. New modern fixtures quickly update the look of a bathroom.
  5. Proper lighting, like overhead and task lighting, makes a bathroom functional.
  6. Maximize storage with pull-out cabinets, rollouts, and built-in niches.
  7. Invest in a spectacular, spa-like stand-alone shower as the room’s focal point.

Select Materials that Stand the Test of Time

When selecting finishes and materials for your bathroom remodel, opt for durable products designed to withstand moisture and everyday wear-and-tear. Timeless white marble or neutral-toned porcelain tiles avoid dating a room. Direct water onto water-resistant quartz countertops rather than fussy marble. Specify metal faucets and fixtures rather than plastic. Though indestructible materials often cost more upfront, they’ll last for decades with proper care.

Create a Spa-Like Retreat

Turn your utilitarian bathroom into a tranquil spa-like retreat. Include a roomy walk-in shower with a bench and body sprays. Set the mood with a Bluetooth speaker to play soothing music. Wash away stress with options like steam, chromotherapy lighting, or even a small self-contained sauna. Deep soaking tubs, heated floors, fluffy towels, and fragrant candles all enhance the vibe. Quickly recharge without leaving home.

Conserve Water with Green Fixtures

An eco-friendly bathroom remodel conserves water and energy with smart design and fixtures. WaterSense toilets use about 20 percent less water than standard models. Many new faucets and showerheads now feature low-flow options without sacrificing performance. Choose LED lighting which uses at least 75% less energy and lasts years longer. Programmable and motion-activated lights prevent waste too. Every detail contributes to a greener bathroom.

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Balance Form and Function

Though a bathroom’s appearance is important, never overlook critical functional elements in a remodeling project. Include adequate task lighting at sinks, showers, and mirrors for safety. Outfit showers and tubs with grab bars to prevent slips and falls. Select a height-appropriate toilet, accessible sink, and curbless entry for universal design. Features like these allow homeowners to comfortably and securely use their bathrooms safely for decades to come.

Design for Easy Cleaning

Given the damp climate, bathrooms tend to harbor dirt, mold, and mildew without diligent cleaning. During your remodel, specify surfaces and building materials that easily wipe clean and discourage soap scum buildup. Glass, metal, and plastic components out-perform wood composites. Choose smooth non-porous tiles instead of bumpy natural stone. Decline small grout lines prone to grime. A bathroom designed for simplified cleaning allows more time to relax and less time scrubbing.

Accommodate Plumbing and Ventilation

Behind-the-scenes elements like proper plumbing and ventilation prevent problems down the road. During a bath remodel, ensure supply pipes and drain lines can support added fixtures or relocated appliances. Update old iron or lead piping. Improve exhaust fans to modern energy-efficient and humidity-sensing models. Reconfigure ductwork to reduce moisture and mildew risks. Though invisible, sufficient plumbing and ventilation keeps bathrooms working optimally for years of heavy use.

Invest Wisely for ROI

Most real estate agents agree, bathroom remodels offer one of the highest returns-on-investment for homeowners. According to the National Association of Realtors 2023 Remodeling Impact Report, mid-range bathroom remodels recoup about 64% of costs. Upscale renovations recover about 68%. Before investing, optimize value with universal design features, contemporary styling using durable materials, and water conservation upgrades. Then relax and enjoy your fresh new bathroom knowing your remodel dollars were well-spent.

What are the cost considerations for a bathroom remodel?

Bathroom remodels can range in price from a few thousand dollars for a minor cosmetic refresh to over $50,000 for a complete gut renovation. Most projects fall somewhere in between. Factors impacting the budget include the scale and complexity of the project, material choices, special features like heated floors, and labor costs in your area. Drafting a thorough wishlist and soliciting a few detailed contractor quotes is key. As a rule of thumb, small updates cost $3-5k, midrange remodels run $5-15k, and upscale custom bathrooms start at $20k+. Remember too, more luxury finishes and complex designs add more in maintenance down the road. Know your budget upfront.

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How do I decide if I should renovate my existing bathroom or build an addition?

Choosing to modernize your existing bathroom with a few key upgrades like fixtures, lighting, and surfaces is simpler and less costly than adding square footage. But if your bathroom is too small, cramped, or outdated to meet your family’s needs through minor remodeling alone, building an extension may add the necessary space and wow-factor. Carefully assess your bathroom usage, available budget, resale goals, and site feasibility before determining the best project scope. Building outward allows customized room dimensions but requires more complex planning for plumbing, electrical, roofing, and often, special zoning permissions.

What design mistakes should I avoid with my bathroom remodel?

To avoid common bathroom design mishaps, have realistic expectations about costs and project timelines, thoroughly measure the existing space, choose durable low-maintenance finishes suited to damp areas, balance form and function by including safety features like grab bars and curbless showers alongside trendy touches like freestanding tubs, ensure adequate ventilation and humidity control, decide on a cohesive style to prevent clashing details, and confirm all chosen fixtures and features adhere to local building codes. Also avoid trends like open showers without containment measures and vessel sinks without enough surrounding counter space.

How can I add storage to my bathroom remodel?

To maximize storage in a bathroom remodel without sacrificing space, first purge seldom-used items. Then organize remaining necessities into baskets stashed on open shelves or within cabinets. Evaluate room for furniture pieces like a cabinet, dresser, or armoire for foldable storage. Build out dead space behind walls or under eaves for deep shelving niches. Replace a pedestal sink with a vanity sporting drawers and doors. Install pull-out towel racks, mirrored cabinets, and slide-out trays in existing cupboards. Attach floating wall-mounted racks in the shower or over the toilet. Customized places to stash bathroom goods prevent daily clutter.

What design trends should I include in my bath remodel?

Top bathroom trends give the space a fresh modern look with hints of spa-like luxury. Neutral tones feel relaxing while natural stone and wood finishes add organic texture. Floating vanities, thick quartz counters, and sleek wall-mounted fixtures keep the aesthetic light and airy. Frameless glass shower enclosures showcase stunning tile. High-tech additions like digital shower controls, USB outlets, water-resistant TVs, Bluetooth music, and built-in charging stations improve function. Smart toilets, heated surfaces, and conservation-focused touches also satisfy. Follow project inspiration on social media outlets and in design magazines.

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