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The Top 5 Reasons You Need an Interior Designer Consultation Today

In this time where we’re all spending so much time at all, it’s important to love your space and feel that means keeping every room updated and fresh. But interior design whether it be moving into a new home, or home or renovations, can be difficult on your own. In this blog, well go over the top 5 reasons you need an interior designer, and why you should schedule a consultation with Esthetly today.

  1. You’re Not a Natural When It Comes to Design

Not everyone has the natural ability to know what will look good in a home. Some of us would much rather make small changes to a room but let someone with a passion and background in the industry take the lead. Maybe you know what type of vibe you want for your room or home, but you don’t know how to get there. An interior designer can help bring your ideas to life while giving their opinion and using their experience in the industry. If interior design just isn’t one of your skills, don’t try to force it. Simply schedule a design consultation and find someone whose style you trust.

  1. Hiring an interior designer can save you time

We know that on home renovation shows, it can seem like redecorating and redesigning rooms take a matter of hours, but in reality, it takes time. A lot of people are spread so thin currently that they simply don’t have the time to research ideas for home decor, find the paint colors, look through textures along with everything else that’s required. Booking an interior designer consultation takes some of the time pressure off the homeowner. They can plan with your painter, set up deliveries for furniture and cabinets, as well as deal with the dreaded and often frustrating order errors from companies. Of course, you can still be as involved in the home renovation process as you want, you may also benefit from having a designer bring you options and choices, rather than you doing all the scheduling and heavy lifting by yourself.

  1. Interior Designers Notice Details and Know What It Will Take To Make Your renovation beautiful.
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Even the seemingly smallest project requires planning. You may think all you need to refresh a space is a new coat of paint and some new room accents but there is a lot more that goes into it. Working with a trained designer helps you to ensure that the hard-wood floor colors will match, as well as window trimmings and curtains. Experienced and trained designers have seen what it takes to make a room flow and work from floor to ceiling, and they can address all the aspects of a room renovation or redesign so that when you finish you’ll love the space you create.

  1. Interior Designers Can Save You Money

You may think that interior designers are at odds with finding home decor for cheap, but this isn’t the case. This is because designers often have access to discounts that the average person does not, sometimes up to 50% off! They also can help you find customized pieces to fit with what you already have, as opposed to having to change every single thing in the room. Although customize pieces can be more pricey, they may save you money in the long run if you only need to change a few items in your space. A great way to find out what it will take financially to renovate your room, schedule a consultation with Esthetly today.

  1. Working with an Interior Designer Gives You access To Higher Quality pieces

Most of us think that when we find a new piece of furniture, particularly one that has a lot of use like a sofa or bed, that whatever the lowest cost is is the best choice. Although this may make sense at the moment, designers know and have access to a lot higher quality furniture pieces. The reason this is important to the homeowner is that it saves you from having to replace it in the next 3 years. You want to have pieces in your home that will last 10 years as opposed to things that will lose their shape and value in 2 to 3.

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Esthetly allows you to book a consultation with a designer with years of experience, connections in the industry, and a passion for creating your dream home. Reach out today and see what Esthetly can do for your space, we promise you won’t regret it.

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