How to Choose the Best Wig

Locating the perfect wig for that person shape can be considered a long and tedious task, however in order for your wig to look natural and on trend it is essential that you take the time to find on that complements and enhances your natural assets.

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to choose a Perücken however there a wide range of methods to explore to make sure you make a good choice for you. If you’re further afield and can’t make it into our wig shop, don’t hesitate to provide us a call for some personalised private advice to help you in the right direction.

However you start deciding, here are some pointers and tips to make sure you have the fundamentals covered when you make your big purchase

Face Shape

Women with oval shaped faces will be the luckiest folks all as it pertains to wig wearing. The versatile form is definitely the “perfect facial shape” and can pull of a number of wig styles, colours and shapes. Women with oval shaped faces look great with a straight style worn loose and on a middle parting, it can help to highlight and compliment that person condition – although you should avoid this look if you have a minimal hairline or particularly small forehead. Tie your wig back to a sleek pony, that can be trailed over one shoulder, for a sophisticated and professional look.

Those of us with round faces are usually buying a way to lose fat our condition and produce a narrower appearance. This is finished with both long and short wigs, but it’s important to remember to avoid fringes and middle partings. Choose a wig with longer hair at the front end that may be back combed and a parting that if off centre, drawing the attention to one part of the face as opposed to the middle.

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A wide hairline and jaw can lead to a wider appearance to your face, short choppy styles will emphasize the width, whilst long one-length styles should also be avoided. To help slim your face choose a wig with plenty of height on top, as well as thinner sides – keep hair from your face and steer clear of straight cut fringes or bangs. Choose a medium to long length cut, with a curly or wavy style – make an effort to choose a design with loose wisps of hair that can help to soften and breakdown the angled lines of any square face.

A broad forehead and a narrow chin can appear just a little “top heavy”. To keep the balance, it’s important to remember to include just a little volume to the chin, this can help make your face more symmetrical. Sometimes adding volume to the chin can be difficult to achieve, so shaping your wig around your eyes can also compliment that person shape. Select a longer trend that is heavily shaped around your face at the eyes which sits near your mind – avoid choppy and short styles.

A diamond condition face is defined with a narrow chin and forehead with wider cheekbones. Whenever choosing a wig, you should choose one with thin or fine sides in reducing the width at the widest point of that person. Additional volume at top or on the sides can unflatter that person by which makes it appear top or bottom heavy. Wigs in “bob” styles – both straight and curly, are ideal for the precious stone shaped face.

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Long, narrow bone structures condition an oblong face. An oblong face combined with an extended, thin neck can must be softened and rounded with an intelligent wig choice. To build an oval shaped face, simply buy a wig with full sides – this is easily achieved with a wig that is curled or waved. Fringes and bangs, especially with a side sweep, can also help shorten an extended and thin face. Avoid an all-one-length cut as well as shorter layers that can add volume to your forehead or chin.

A big or wide chin and small or narrow forehead defines a pear shaped face. Of most face shapes, the pear form is the one we see least often, but if doesn’t mean we don’t have the perfect wig to compliment the form. To build the illusion of a thinner chin and wider forehead you’ll need to choose a wig with volume between your eyes and crown. Select a full layer or shaggy style that can draw attention from the face – avoid jaw length and straight cuts.

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