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Do Bamboo Bed Sheets Improve Sleep Quality?

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep if you find yourself tossing and turning most nights. Most of us start with external factors like drinking special teas, but sometimes the solution can be found right in your bed. The wrong type of bedding may just be what’s keeping you up at night, and bamboo bed sheets may be the cure.

Do Bamboo Bed Sheets Improve Sleep Quality?

Prevent overheating

One of the reasons you might be constantly waking up at night is because you’re too warm. As we know, bodies generate heat, especially when enclosed in small spaces (like between a mattress and blanket) so it’s very easy for your body to start overheating during sleep. Especially if you’re someone who tends to get hot easily. While other fabrics will trap this heat, bamboo will regulate the heat as it is a naturally breathable fabric.

Wick away moisture

Night sweats are probably the most unpleasant thing to wake up to. You won’t have to worry about them with bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo naturally wicks away sweat/moisture, reduces humidity, and repels odour so you’ll wake up in a bed that still feels fresh in the morning. During the night you’ll be sleeping with a solid temperature, which makes it easier to stay asleep after you’ve drifted off initially.

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Soft and comfortable

It’s impossible to get cozy and fall asleep with rough, itchy bedding. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a fabric that is incredibly soft so you’ll feel snug as a bug the moment you slide into bed. Its hand feel is comparable to silk and cashmere, and the thread count of bamboo sheets usually exceed those of Egyptian cotton. It also has an excellent draping quality, meaning it will move with your body as you switch sleeping positions throughout the night. You’ll be cool and comfortable until morning.

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If you have sensitive skin, it probably won’t react well to synthetic fabrics or even natural fabrics that have started to pill over time. Many hypoallergenic bed sheets in other fabrics have been chemically treated to prevent/reduce allergies, but bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s also less likely to be chemically treated during the growth process, and bamboo doesn’t need as much dye as other fabrics so it’s all around a more natural choice.

There are various reasons why you might not be sleeping well. If you’re finding it’s mainly due to discomfort/overheating, then bamboo bed sheets are an excellent choice to consider for improving your sleep quality. Other reasons may require more solutions, but bamboo bed sheets can still help as a good base for better sleep. In any case, your body will thank you!

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