Sustainable Lubrications That Protect And Prolong

By on January 11, 2018

Since the industrial revolution, the need to use oil has been important. It was required to keep heavy machinery with rotating cogs pliant and prevent them from rusting, although production was so heavy-handed, machines hardly ever stood still. Since the invention of the combustion engine and motor cars, the use of oil has become far more prominent. But over the years, it has also earned an extremely bad reputation.

lubrication systems

Today, it is still regarded as one of the worst pollutants and heaviest contributors to the carbon footprint. As a small scale engineer, toolmaker or artisan, not even you can escape the vigilant eye of the environmental watchdogs because even the small amount of oil you are using in your production line is doing damage. You may not have noticed this either, but it is not doing close to enough in protecting and prolonging your tool and machinery’s life.

But fortunately, it is now possible to do so much more with so very little. Sustainable lubrication systems in today’s environmentally friendly workshops are using a lot less oil while doing so much more. In comparison to all the oil that went down your drains before, these green lubricants only require a drop to clean your tools and machinery, protect them and extend their life. The sustainable development extends across your workshop and beyond.

Less dust is collected on the tools and machinery. This does not mean that it is now the end of housekeeping as we know it, but the work environment is certainly kept a lot safer. And the composition of these lubricating oils is remarkable too in the sense that no polluting chemicals are being utilized. Using these systems works well on the pocket too because the lubricating oils last a lot longer.