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How to Clean Your Installed Ice Maker

By on January 5, 2018


If you’re lucky enough to have an ice maker installed in your fridge or freezer, it’s important to maintain that tool. Use these tips to ensure you never have to worry about your ice supply running dry.

1.    Unplug the Unit

In order to avoid electrical shock, it’s imperative that you unplug whatever unit your ice maker is installed in. Making sure the unit is empty and no electricity is getting to it is the best way to prevent unnecessary injury.

2.    Remove the Ice Tray

Gentle pull the tray from its spot and place in safely out of the way.

3.    Start inside

With a soft cloth, start wiping down the walls of the inner part of your ice maker. For stubborn stains, you can use a small amount of vinegar. Vinegar is also useful in removing calcium buildup inside the machine.

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4.    Move on to the Tray

By now, your tray should be dry. With the same soft cloth, wipe away and dirt and grime that accumulated there. After that, you can replace the tray and plug in your unit.

5.    Run the Cleaning Cycle

If you have a self-cleaning machine, it’s recommended that you run it once after you’ve wiped everything down. Use vinegar if you want a natural solution, but it’s okay to use a household cleaner for this stage.

6.    Do the Outside

All that’s left is cleaning the outside of the unit and you’re done.

If you routinely clean your ice maker the chances that you’ll need to call for sub zero ice maker repair are dropped dramatically. If you do encounter problems though, always seek out a professional. They are trained specialists who know the safest and most cost effective way to repair your unit.